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Our Services

What makes Kitchen Style unique?

We are masters in space planning and our focus is creating flow tailored to each individual client.  Any kitchen or bath can look great but how it works for you is of the utmost importance.  We do only what we do best and that is design spaces that function beautifully in contemporary, modern and transitional styling. 

What is the process for designing my kitchen or bath?

We always begin with an extensive design survey to help us understand how you live and what you’re hoping for from the space. We’ll talk to you about budget, as well, before any designing begins.

What if I am building a new home or redesigning my current one?

We are pleased to meet with local clients to discuss your projects.  For a new home, we work with the blueprints to get a feel for the space and site measurements during construction will be taken to finalize the plans. For an existing kitchen or bath, we’ll take the measurements.  For those of you who are out of our travel area, we communicate by phone, e-mail and online conferencing to explain all of the details of the design in depth.  If you are remodeling, pictures of your current space are helpful.  Your contractor or builder will provide the site measurements on detailed forms provided by Kitchen Style.  Whether you are local or across the country, the final plans, elevations and installation instructions are then sent to your builder or contractor.  We keep in touch during the construction phase to answer any questions that may arise.  For local clients, we can recommend excellent builders and contractors.  Depending upon your location, we may also be able to recommend builders in other states that we have worked with in the past.

What does each design project include?

Once we understand the space and your needs, we’ll put together two or three designs to discuss. Your feedback is critical, and the final result is usually a blend of these draft designs.

Every design project includes:

What about choosing and purchasing cabinets?

We will help you choose the cabinet style and finish and recommend the manufacturer that will best suit your project in regards to doorstyle, finish, quality and cost.  Although it is not required to purchase cabinets through Kitchen Style, most of our clients opt to do so as our prices are very competitive and we subtract the design fee from the final cabinet cost.  We work with five excellent cabinet manufacturers with a variety of price points from well priced quality domestic custom manufacturers to top European manufacturers.  The current manufacturers that we are partnered with are Dura Supreme, Imperia, Miralis Contemporary, Poggenpohl and Pure Kitchen.  All of these companies ship countrywide.  However, our designs are fully detailed so you can purchase through local showrooms if that is your choice.  

What about pricing?

Our charges for design services are: